People serving people

People serving people

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  

Since most of us celebrate by giving gifts, we wanted to share where we choose to give.

There are so many ministries that are doing amazing work and making amazing differences in the lives of people. A few of those ministries we choose to support both personally and through Leopard Home Base Ministries.  

One ministry is Miracle Hill.  They serve people with addictions and the homeless community in some fabulous ways.  They not only help them through their tough time, but also help them get back on their feet.  

Another ministry is Quiver Full Adoption.  They are a Christian based adoption agency.  They have a ministry of not only helping families adopt, but they work closely with birth mothers showing them love and offering healing for them.

We also love giving to Release SARA.  It is a non-profit ministry out of Florida.  This ministry serves women who are victims of sex trafficking, helping them to heal and recover.

All of these ministries you can look up and see the details of what they do and how they serve.  

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