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Hi everyone. My name is Dawn. My husband Eddie and I have always been passionate about health and wellness. Over the past five years that passion has increased as we began to study and research more on gut health and a more natural way of living. The bar was raised when we were introduced to essential oils and we were instantly smitten. 

Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant. They are not new and they are not trendy. They have been around since the beginning of time. God created hundreds of plants to support these amazing bodies that He also created. They are life changing to our bodies when used consistently. We believe that oils were God’s provision in biblical times and they still are today. 

There are hundreds of references to oils in scripture. They were used for anointing and beauty as well as cleansing. We like to say “if they were good enough for Jesus, they’re good enough for us!”  

We love Young Living and chose them because of their Seed to Seal promise, the fact that their oils and products are 100% all natural. We love not only their oils but all of their supplements, personal care products and especially their non-toxic cleaning products. 

We would love to share with you how you and your family can get started as well. We love walking with families on their health journey as they choose a better way to health and for those who are serious about getting chemical and toxins out of their home. 

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Disclaimer: We do not give medical advice. We are not doctors and have no medical training.