Add value to others

Add value to others

I love my mornings. I love them when I get to set the pace. I hate being hurried, especially in the morning.  The morning is when the Lord speaks most clearly to me. Eddie keeps telling me we are in the 4th quarter 🙄 I totally hate that statement. But if he’s right, I’m more aware than ever how each day matters and how I spend it matters. I’m determined to be intentional about making the best choices for how I spend my time. The crappy stuff is getting zero time. The drama and negativity from outside sources is getting below zero time.

My dad lived most of life under life burdens. But he walked through life with such ease. He was unhurried and seemed unbothered by the goings-on of life around him. He calmed my soul many times. I never felt anxiety until he was gone which tells me how much I miss his presence. I’m kind of between my mom and my day. My mom could get hot and bothered quickly by circumstances. Just like me. Her personality was more of wanting to get a lot done and you could either help or get out of the way. 🤪 Just like me. I miss her as well! Man we covered some ground together and got a lot done. My dad moved slowly. He acted slowly. He spoke slowly (a lot 🤣 but slowly). He was a great listener. I want to be more like that. And I’m working on it.

Whoever was right in front of him, had all of him. He genuinely cared about people. He would be labeled politically incorrect these days because he spoke truth 🙄 But even hard truths from him were spoken in such a way that it didn’t make you mad.

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