Audience of one

Audience of one

Have you guys ever met Demas? Have you met Alexander? If not, check out 2 Tim 4.

Insert a different name and we all have them in our life. Those who desert us because, well, the reasons are endless. Those who have done us much harm or at least tried to. They fight against us, again, for a whole host of reasons! Usually, it has more to do with themselves than with us. I’d even say 99% of the time. But, as Paul says, don’t worry about them because God will judge them.

The most freeing thing you can do is live to please the Lord and don’t worry about people. If you’re living how He leads, He will protect you. And I’d rather have Him on my side than any fleshly body.

Do what you love!!

Will everyone agree? NO!

If you live to please man, you will die a long, slow, painful death. That is no way to live.

The POINT...

Do what God has called you to do! And do what you love!! You’ll be glad you did! Promise!!

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