Balance is a must

Balance is a must

Any of you with more than one child notice how totally opposite in personality they can be. We have 4 very distinct personalities with our 4. It kept,  and keeps, life fun and interesting.

Our girls had so many similar interests, but their personalities were polar opposites. Same with our boys. Both, actually all 4 of our kids are introverts, but growing up, our oldest daughter was much more so than our younger. We would ask our oldest on many occasions to go do something and if it involved the least amount of engagement with a stranger, she was out. The younger’s go-to quote, “I’ll do it!”

One was painfully cautious. The other painfully “out there”. Nothing wrong with either. Just different.

What about spiritually? Are you cautious? Not too sure about doing what you know God wants you to do.  You weigh all the risks. You make the list of pros and cons. You want all the facts.

Or. Are you out there? Ready to leap before you look. Throw caution to the wind. Just do it.

Most of us would say that our way has worked for us at times and against us at times. Neither way is perfect. Balance is probably best. There comes a time when you just do it. But, making educated moves is also needed. Praying things through rather than justifying what we want to do will save you on many occasions.

Eddie and I talk about our differences in this area. We definitely balance one another out.

I’m a pull the trigger and shoot kind of girl. 🔫 I have not always been that way. I was the incredibly shy, incredibly cautious, even fearful girl until God proved Himself faithful so many times in my life that I couldn’t deny it any longer. He has had to save me from myself on many occasions. My belief system over the second half of my life has been that you just step into the water and then God parts it. Just better make sure He is the one leading you into the water. 🙃😉

Eddie is one who looks at all angles. He seeks and prays and waits. He waits patiently before the Lord while I’m asking the Lord to move quickly and let’s just do the thing. 💃

See why our need for balance is crucial?

See why we are so good for each other even when we drive each other CRAZY? 😆

It does not mean that one has more faith. We just arrive differently. Somehow God, because He is God, has always put us on the same page we just get there at different times.

Unity in marriage is a MUST. That’s one thing we have always prayed for and God has always graciously answered. Again, the timing may be a little off, but our hearts have always been in sync.

God is just so good that way. Even though He has an incredible sense of humor.

Philippians 4

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