Can we talk water?

Can we talk water?

I know I like more fun subjects as well.  But, we cannot underestimate the power of water to good health.  It is so important to our physical as well as our mental health.  Even the slightest bit of dehydration, which is probably true of all of us, affects our mood, can increase anxiety and tension, causes lack of focus and creates headaches.  

Keep it at work with you.  Keep it in the car.  Definitely take it to the gym.  A cute water bottle cannot hurt and if you like it cold, there are plenty of water bottle options for keeping it cold throughout the day.

If taste is a problem, use something for flavor. Just be very careful to check ingredients or you could be defeating the purpose and adding calories.  We love our vitality oils in our water!  It helps with flavor and we get the health benefits!!

We also use our Vitality drops with electrolytes.  They turn drinking plain water upside down!!  Great flavor and again, HEALTHY BENEFITS!!

We should shoot for half of our body weight for a minimum.  I am working my way to a gallon a day.  That is a big goal, so we will see.  

How much water do you try and drink daily?                                                             

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