We rarely get them.

I started thinking about this when Eddie and I did a marriage conference for pastors and wives. We shared what we would do differently in ministry. As much as our ministry has always meant to us, nothing is more important than family. Kids are only in their stages once. They’ll only be babies and toddlers and teenagers once. We all make mistakes and thank God He redeems, but we don’t get to live those days over again. Just make sure you’re living them the way you really want to.

If I had it to do over again…

I’d play more.

I’d stress over tasks less.

I’d react differently many times.

We like to tell people to think backwards. Think about how you want things to turn out, to look years down the road, the kind of long term relationship you want with your children. And then work towards that. Pray a lot, but then you have to do the thing. It usually boils down to LOTS of TIME AND LOTS of LOVE! Make your time count make it work for you.

They go from being wrapped around your legs and hanging on your hip, to out the door very, very quickly.

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