Do the work

Do the work

Proverbs 14:1
Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.

This is a great word for us girlfriends. It’s a challenging word as well as a warning.
It would be easy to skim over this thinking we are not a foolish woman and how would we tear down our house anyway.
Here’s a few ways...
...We get lazy and take things for granted. We no longer appreciate the little things, whether it’s the little things our husbands do for us or say to us or the opportunity to spend time with our kids even when we grow weary of them hanging on our legs or our hip.
...Maybe we let down boundaries in our relationships with other men that is disrespectful to our husbands or even women who may be toxic with their advice or influence.
...Maybe we spend money we don’t have and it puts a strain on the budget and a strain on our marriage.
...Maybe it is an affair that we believe is justified for whatever reason.
...Maybe it is just doing what comes natural and meeting our own desires because, after all, “we deserve a break today.”
Building is the hard work. It takes dying to our own desires. It takes putting others needs above our own. It means serving when we had rather be sitting. It means choosing to love, forgive and keep working. The hard work is worth it. Lots of people take the easy road, but the results of easy are not life giving and it rarely turns out well.

This is the house we lived in for 17 years! It probably took less than 6 months to build, but the building it took to make it a home took years of hard work. But on this side of things, it was worth every second, every tough choice, every hard conversation, every time we chose the hard over the easy!! 
Every husband has faults just like we do. When we begin to see more of his and less of our own, be careful, lest we fall.
Think backwards, how you want it to turn out in the end. And then do the daily work my friends. It’s worth it. Hang tough!!

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