Do you?

Do you?

Does your day sometimes seem like endless tasks and appointments and you just wanna have some fun?


Do you sometimes feel invisible to those you love the most?


Do you sometimes try everything to get his/her attention to no avail?


Do you sometimes wonder if you’ll ever meet your goals?


Do you ever wonder if the voices in your head will be silenced?


Ever wonder if you’ll have just one day where you’ll feel like you measure up or are good enough?


Ever feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated?


Ever feel like if he/she would just give you one compliment?


Ever feel like everyone else’s kids are _________!


Ever feel like their life is so much __________!


What about, “why not me?”


We have ALL felt these things, or at least a few of them.

It’s one thing that social media has distorted and we’ve bought the lie. We compare our everyday to someone’s highlight reel. Don’t do it friend. No one has it all. No one has it all together.

All God’s children got problems.

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