Do you just talk a good game?

Do you just talk a good game?

I was reminded tonight, as I read a gentleman’s post about supporting his wife today, that there is a big difference in SAYING you are your spouse’s best friend, (because that’s the right thing to say, right?!) and actually BEING their best friend.

Being a friend means you do things that they enjoy even if you don’t.

Being a friend means doing things that causes them joy even if you hate it the whole time.

Being a friend means cheering them on and allowing them to grow and try new things even if there is nothing in it for you.

It means putting them first. It means you’re thinking of what is best for them.

Cheers to this man who put words to action today and ran a marathon with his wife even though he hates to run.

We all screw this up at times, but tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity, to BE a friend to your spouse!

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