Enzymes!!!!!  Can’t say enough about ‘em!  Another one of my daily favorites!

Enzymes are the KEYS to life itself, without them, we no longer exist. Over 300 enzymatic

reactions occur in the body every second. We NEED enzymes. Just as the life process depends on oxygen, it also depends on enzymes. While oxygen is fuel to the body, enzymes are the “go-betweens” that control the rate and speed of the energy output of each cell. They are catalysts. They energize you by helping to start your day and keep you going. They are needed for every chemical reaction in the body. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients cannot be used effectively without enzymes. The function of the immune system depends upon the presence of enzymes as well. The body works to produce enzymes needed for the smooth operation of the immune system.  Did you know that in the 12th week of gestation, the baby

receives it’s “enzyme potential” for life? (Dr. DicQie Fuller, The Healing Power of Enzymes).

Young Living is the only company to incorporate essential oils in its enzyme formulations to make

them more bioavailable and effective.

Young Living has several enzyme options to choose from:

Allerzyme™ is a complex blend of enzymes, botanicals and essential oils to support proper

digestion, waste elimination and nutrient utilization.

Detoxzyme™ is a vegan formula to take with meals or between meals to digest food missed

when eating. One of the ingredients of Detoxzyme is the essential oil, DiGize. Added to this

product is also an enzyme (cellulase) that digests cellulose, a fiber which humans cannot digest

without assistance of outside enzymes.

Essentialzyme is more effective for

breaking down what’s in the body and is best taken between meals.

Essentialzyme-4 contains all the necessary enzymes to break down all the fiber, carbs, fats, and

proteins we are eating at meals. The dual time-released technology releases animal and plant

based enzymes at separate times in the digestive tract, allowing for optimal nutrient

absorption. Essentialzyme-4 is more effective for taking with meals to digest food.

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