Fight Back

Fight Back

Anyone else tired of feeling like the Enemy is constantly nipping at your heels? He seems to be waging war in increasing manner. I believe it’s because he knows his time is short. He’s out to kill, steal and destroy and that means us! Not material things. He is after people.

The Enemy is after your marriage.

And the Enemy is not your spouse. Quit serving or going to church and he’s happy. Quit praying and he’s thrilled.

But you start having marital problems, and he’s elated. And he only needs a small crack in the armor.

When you’re doing marriage God’s way and you’re a team,  a force to be reckoned with, Satan wants you out of the game. The family scares him. He knows the power of influence a godly family wields and he’s out to destroy it.

DO NOT LET HIM!!!! Stand firm. Don’t give him any more ground. At the name of Jesus, he must flee. Shout him out of your home, your life.

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