Girls and Hormones

Girls and Hormones


Progessence Plus!!!

It is a serum that you use topically.  It is a naturally-occuring form of progesterone (sourced from wild yam) that is also enhanced with essential oils to maximize absorption and is all about bringing hormone balance to women.  When progesterone is in balance,  other hormones in the female body will typically fall into balance as well.  Many women, for the first time in their lives,  have regular cycles as a result of using this.  There are those who have suffered multiple miscarriages before successfully maintaining pregnancies using pro plus.  Also, some who tried for years,  unsuccessfully,  to get pregnant until using pro plus.  This serum is incredible for PMS.  It may bring balance to cycles that are too long,  too short,  or too painful.  Every woman, from the time she begins her cycle as a young girl, till the time she dies,  should be using this serum everyday.





When taken internally, Endoflex Vitality can support your thyroid, metabolism, and energy. And in addition to all of that goodness, it can benefit libido as part of a total package of hormonal balance and wellness, too !

⁣⁣Endoflex Vitality can help your body in so many ways, just to name a few:⁣⁣

balancing your levels⁣⁣

help with those “lady” symptoms⁣⁣

improve your energy levels⁣⁣

improve metabolic function⁣⁣


PD 8020


And the reason is because PD 8020 is a hormone containing supplement made mostly from pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is a hormone precursor that becomes whatever hormone the body is needing,  be it estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, etc.

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