It’s a lifestyle

It’s a lifestyle

Hey friends!

For those of you who work out, but say you are frustrated because you can’t see the results, let’s talk about a few other things.

Nutrition is HUGE!!! You will never lose weight if you are not in a calorie deficit. And you will never feel good if sugar and processed foods are your go to.  It is true, YOU WILL NEVER OUTTRAIN A BAD DIET!!

Supplements go here as well. I’m not a believer in getting everything we need from food. It’s not possible these days. We all need supplements!!


Watch your alcohol intake! Your body recognizes alcohol as a toxin and will work to get rid of that before it goes to work on any of your food intake.


TOXINS in your home. 🤢As a friend of mine says, if your home is still filled with chemically infused products, you will be spinning in circles (esp with hormonal issues)🤦‍♀️ When you start looking at the products in your home and researching the ingredients, your mind will be blown. Let that be another step in your wellness plan!! I promise, you won’t regret it.


WATER!!!! Drink it!! Lots of it!!! Drinking half your body weight only keeps you hydrated. For added benefits, skin just one of them, work towards a gallon a day.




I used to get so frustrated when I worked out and didn’t see the results I wanted to see. I had to take a deep look at not only my consistency, but my overall health plan.

It all goes together!!

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