It’s the inside that counts

It’s the inside that counts

Our boys used to have a coach that talked about “looking good getting off the bus”. You can do some mental damage to people that way, but then  he talked about how you also have to actually play the game.

Let’s just talk balance. We work out. We eat well. We use clean products. But we don’t do anything perfectly. The goal is balance and keep improving in all areas.

Ever seen those people who only work upper body? I sometimes wonder how their legs hold all of that muscle up. And then there’s the gym rats that do all the working out well, but eat like trash. You know sugar, fast food...

There are those who are all about clean eating, but never get off of the couch, or out of the recliner, and move. Why move? You have a remote in your hand.

Where is the balance?

What about if we work out 4-5 times a week and eat well, but use products laced with chemicals? Or we eat as well as we can, but we all know none of us will ever get everything we need just in the food we eat. We are all lacking minerals and enzymes our bodies are craving.

Even if you want to start slowly, how about we just get started. Start with a great multivitamin or wellness drink. Start with ditching cleaning products with all the yuck in them. Start with a pure lotion with some amazing essential oils in it. Your skin will thank you!! Or your mouthwash!!!

Remember we can look good on the outside, but what we put in the inside and topically on our skin is just as important.

So thankful for my oils!!! But just as thankful that my company is NOT just about oils!!

I would love to walk this out with you my friend. And so would my entire community of friends!!! Education is key!!

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