Just be YOU

Just be YOU

Keeping it real and honest here...

If I could get one thing across to people, especially young women, and young pastor’s wives, before I leave this planet, it would be this...

Be who God created you to be!!! Do not live a lie. Be yourself as you continue to grow in Christ! Let HIM be the ONLY one who changes you!!!!!

I want this so badly for you!! I had to work SO DANG hard to get here and I still default at times to my insecure former self. But I promised God years ago that if He would break me from living from others’ approval, I would never go back to that place.

I sat across from someone not long ago who in clear words told me that I was not who she wanted me to be. I wasn’t the “typical” pastor’s wife. (Btw, I never claimed to be) I didn’t measure up to her expectations, I disappointed her.

As I told her and I’ll tell you, 20+ years ago, you might have had a shot at changing me and molding me, but not today! Thank you Jesus, I live for You!!  20+ years ago that probably would have been the death of me!! Again, thank you Jesus that You freed me from that place of desperately needing someone’s approval.

But, it’s hard friends!!! And it takes hard work with the Lord to get to that place.

All I can say is that the hard work was worth it if I can be of some help to others struggling in that area, especially my fellow young pastor’s wives who are still feeling their way. I was so blessed to be in churches when I was younger who loved me and allowed room for growth. If I had not been, I was telling someone recently, I don’t think I could have made it. He uses all things to get us to the place He has prepared for us, but do not expect an easy, pain free road my friends as you get there!!

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