Living on guard

Living on guard

My personality lends itself to being prepared, organized, on top of things. I’m not perfect at it, but I strive for being as prepared as I can be for any situation. Things always catch us off guard. But, I also believe that when we are better prepared, even when caught off guard, our response can be more positive.

For example, the Bible teaches us to be on guard against the Enemy. We are called to daily put on the armor of God so we can stand against the enemy’s schemes.

We are told to be ready because Jesus could return at any moment. Anyone else find yourself saying almost daily, “COME LORD JESUS AND COME QUICKLY!

When we were raising teenagers, we always told them to have their mind made up ahead of time about what their choice would be when they found themselves in certain situations. If you don’t make up your mind what you will and won’t do, in the heat of the moment we too often will fall.

I also talk about being prepared for times when we find ourselves below the wellness line 🙋🏼‍♀️😔

I’m so thankful we have on hand so many things to help us in seasons of sickness. We keep stocked up around here because you just never know.

Don’t wait friends! Be prepared, in season and out of season… (in every way, for everything)

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