Marriage seasons

Marriage seasons

Do you love the different seasons? I do! About the time I get tired of sweating all the time, the season turns to fall and we get some crisp mornings and evenings. And then winter. I’m usually ready to see it depart, but I love it around the holidays.

Marriage has seasons as well. Sometimes ours is hot and steamy 😘 and other times it seems to grow cold. We grow  indifferent and apathetic. If you’re in a season that seems like things are growing cold between you, hang in there.

Every day isn’t an Instagram highlight day.

Seasons come and go.

Don’t take radical steps and let your emotions take over. Permanent decisions based on temporary problems and feelings can cause regret. Some of the sweetest times come after times of struggle.

I remember living through Hurricane Hugo. It was a nightmare. But, when we went outside the next morning, the sky was gorgeous and as blue as blue could be. Isn’t that usually the view after a terrible storm?

It’s the same with marriage. We have witnessed some of the most beautiful and solid marriages come after the most hurtful and heartbreaking seasons for people.

Go to work. Get some help. And hang in there together.

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