Marriage takes work

Marriage takes work

I love falling asleep with you next to me.
I love waking up and your face being the first thing I see.
I love that the first coffee of the day is with you.
I love having our Jesus time next to one another.
I love having thoughts of you come to me throughout the day.
I love spending the day WITH you even more.

Marriage is not for the weak and faint of heart.
It is for wildly committed savages who just refuse to quit.
It’s for those who choose love over fear every day and keep showing up.
Thank you for continuing to show up babe!
I’m so grateful for this life and I don’t take it for granted!
It has not been easy. Marriage is not easy.
Thank you for doing it with me.
Don’t coast friends. When you put it in neutral and begin to coast, you’re in a dangerous place. Keep it in drive all the way. Don’t set that cruise control!! Some days you’ll be going 25 and others at 75, but keep going forward with your foot on the gas!! 👊🏼🤍

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