Why Wait?

Why Wait?

Why wait? I cannot begin to tell you how many times we were asked that by our children. I cannot begin to tell you how many times we have asked God that same question!! I have heard that word a lot lately in different conversations pertaining to different things. I have read it in scripture lately. It keeps popping up. Usually that means God has a message in that. I do not like to wait any more than anyone else, but learning to wait says so much about our character and maturity. No one likes it. No one wants to do it. But we all must learn to do it. And it is definitely a learning thing at every age and none of us ever perfects it.

Eddie and I dated long distance for most of our dating life together. We lived in different cities and then he was off playing ball. We had lots of waiting to do in between times of seeing each other. It was not easy, but it prepared both of us for some things later in life. And it is not only the young who have to wait. We waited for many months between the time we first felt God was going to move us and the time He showed us when and where. And it was not easy! But it was rich!!

Married kids are waiting to buy a house. God closes doors and they wait. And it is not fun! Singles want to know why they should wait for sex until marriage. That is no fun! But God says wait. And I have never talked to a young girl who regretted waiting. God's way is perfect!

Many times we rush head long into things, relationships, ministry opportunities, job opportunities, good things, but not always what we are called to. We fail to wait and pray. We get over our head. We miss a better opportunity. We miss the relationship God intended for us.

I've seen so many try so hard to make something work because it seemed like it should. One of my girls dated a godly young man at one point. For every reason it should have worked, but it didn't. God had something better for both. And then sometimes the timing is just wrong, but if it is meant to be God will make it be. And it is always better for Him to do it than for us to manipulate it into being.

Jesus commanded the disciples to return to Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit. Thankfully they did. They never could have endured what was ahead in their own power.

Exodus 32 tells us that the people grew tired of waiting on Moses to return so they took matters in their own hands and built their own idol and boy was God angry. Should have waited. I am so guilty of running at the speed of my own choosing and just ask God to bless it. What I need to be doing is stop running and start waiting.

There have been many times I have not listened to that voice say "wait" and sure wish I had. There have been many times I am so glad I obeyed and waited. We cannot force God's hand. We may be able to wear people down, but we will never wear Him down. He can out wait us. And if we choose to not wait on Him we will sacrifice so much that He has for us!! We all need to learn how to better listen and how to better wait. He is a good God. He is not holding out on us! But His ways and His timing are perfect.

There are so many things He can show us as we wait. So many lessons to learn and heartache to avoid. It is hard to do in this fast pace culture. We want it all now. As I look back, as hard as it was to make my kids wait for things because I loved them and wanted to give it all to them, it would have eventually destroyed them. One of the best lessons we teach our children is to wait. It is one of the hardest lessons. But it is easier when they learn that young, for themselves and for all of those that come into relationship with them down the road. Slow down. Be still before Him. Trust Him. He has your good in mind.

"Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him." Isaiah 30:18

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