Healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul

Healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul

Good health never comes without intentionality and consistency. Small, skinny, petite, whatever you want to call it, does not necessarily equal healthy. We have always been a workout family. We have always spent time in the gym, we walk, we run. We love being active, so it has always been kind of what we do. But honestly, I can get lazy with it and when I do, I can feel it, especially the older I get. 

As a Christian and as a pastor's wife, spiritual health for myself and others is first and foremost! I also know that physical health is of some value, but being spiritually fit is most important. But here is what I have found, and maybe it is because I'm 55 and not 25...

There is such a correlation between physically fit and spiritually fit. For me, when I am not disciplined in one area, the other lacks as well. Laziness in one area carries over to the other. My mother had Alzheimers, it runs in our family. My dad had heart issues, it also runs in our family. I see many others with health issues that keep them from doing things they love. 

Honestly, I have no desire to live a super long life, so that is not what it is about for me. But I do want to live a healthy life as long as God keeps my feet on this earth. I want to be healthy enough to serve til my dying breath. And honestly, that gets harder the older we get. I tire more easily. I do not have the energy I used to have. I ache many mornings when I get up. It would be easy to chalk it up to the aging process, but I am too stubborn for that. 

I want to be out there serving! I want to feel good enough to hang with my grands and jump on the trampoline and walk the block with them and dance with them and play in the pool with them. I do not want to feel exhausted at the end of Sundays. I want to be ministering during the week and I would love to sleep less, a lot less! And ministry is exhausting, physically and mentally and emotionally! Having a large family is exhausting, physically, mentally, and emotionally! 

So, those are my basic reasons for stressing health. It is not about living longer for me, ‘cause when Jesus calls, I promise you, I'm ready! But it is about living better! And enjoying life and ministry to the fullest. So the gym and young living supplements and essential oils are a big part of that for me! 

I would encourage you to make a list of things you enjoy, whether you are younger or older, and then think about how having good health now and in the future is a part of that and will affect that. If it is worth it to you, be disciplined enough to do what you need to do to get healthy! The better care you take when you are young, the better your body will be as you age. And you young ones, 55 ain't old and it gets here fast!! Take care of yourself now! Here's to healthy minds, bodies, and souls!!

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