The Greatest Thing We Can Do

The Greatest Thing We Can Do

These four sweet beauties married our four sweet beauties.

I was writing some today on parenting and one of the things I was focused on was the exact prayers we prayed over all of our children. Many prayers were intentional and specific over each individual one based on their needs at the time, but there were things we prayed for each of them from the moment we found out we were pregnant with them.

Of course, their salvation and being head over heels in love with Jesus was tip top on the list. But, another prayer was for their future spouse. We would pray every night with them and one prayer that we would voice out loud was for the little boys and little girls out there somewhere that would be their future spouse. We prayed for their protection and that their growing up years would be filled with love and that Jesus would draw them to Himself in His time. We prayed for their salvation and that they would have hearts that loved Jesus. They would ask us their name and what they looked like. They'd ask us where they were and all sorts of things about them. Of course, we knew none of the details. We just told them to love and follow Jesus and when the time was right He would bring them into their life and create a beautiful story.

You would think praying that way we would never worry about who they would marry or pull our hair out at times during their dating years. Unfortunately we did.
I can tell you no prayer is wasted. God did good!! He did really good!! Eddie and I look at them all of the time and talk about how we are so glad God did his thing, and our children followed Jesus closely so that when the time was right, He really did bring them just who they needed. They are not perfect, their parents aren't perfect, but they're pretty perfect for each other. They balance each other, complement each other, they make each other better. All of that to say this...
If your children are little, it is not too early to start praying those prayers!
If your children are teens, pray hard and trust that God really does love them even more than you do. Continue to parent them and teach them that doing things God's way is the best way!!

If your children are all grown up, keep praying for them. They need it just as much now as when they were little. And it is never too late!!

Praying is not the only thing we can do. It is the greatest thing we can do! And not one is ever wasted.

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