The times, the times

The times, the times

One of the things we have talked about in our small group was a world of entitled humans. Keep in mind, our small group is made up of 20s and 30s, some with no children, some with preschoolers. They are not the older generation bashing the young. Entitlement knows no generational boundaries.  And trust me, it is the young ones, not me and Eddie, expressing the most aggravation.

One of the aggravations we all seem to share is the lack of parenting and how it is all turning out and wondering how we can flip the switch.

I have thought about that a lot. I have thought about when Jesus healed the sick and only one came back to say thank you. I have seen people pour into others, love on them, give them opportunity and then they just go on to the next best thing. I mean that’s ok to move on, but never stop to say thank you for all you’ve done for me?! Really?! Like it was owed to them.

The young parents in our small group consist of coaches, teachers, law enforcement and employers. What they are seeing is lack of motivation, apathy, no stick-to-it-tiveness. If we are not happy, we quit. If we do not like this, we go to the next whatever. If we do not like the way this authority figure does it, we get out and try another. The lack of manners and respect is epidemic. Of course not with everyone!! Just more than there should be.

We discussed how it lends itself to the marriage we treat each other, we do not stick with it, we just get out of one and try another. It is always someone else’s fault.

Coaches see it and are forced to deal with it. Teachers deal with it daily. And eventually law enforcement will deal with it. We have gone from a time when if you got in trouble at school, you would be in trouble at home to a time where it’s the teachers who are in trouble.

We have gone from a time when if your child was not good enough to start he would stay on the team, encourage, support and wait for an opportunity to a time where we jump teams, make coaches lives miserable and, oh yea, everyone gets a trophy because well everyone is a winner. Except that everyone is not. At least not every time. We have to learn to lose and teach our kids how to lose and at the same time not be ok with it. We could teach them how to put in the work to get better rather than blame everyone else. Bottom line...I am encouraged. Because I see some young parents who recognize the entitlement problem and are trying to flip the switch. We have sat across the table from young parents and left with such respect for how they are raising their children. You do not have to be around families long to tell if discipleship and discipline are both being practiced in the home.

May God raise up more of these families.

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