Think Dirty

Can I ask you to just take 2 minutes and read this?IT IS NOT a sales pitch. It is just information I think should be important to all of us and especially parents and grandparents!!! And I believe we should raise awareness about this subject.
Go to the think dirty app and look up the products you use. I did that years ago and it blew my mind.
And we wonder why we see so many health concerns especially with children that we didn’t see years ago.
Endocrine disrupters are real and they affect our heath and the health of our families.
The products that you use on your body, in your home, it all matters. Everything adds up. I GET IT!!! How we spend our money is important to us but why not spend it differently and on products you trust with your family.
Read this and then go to your bathroom and read your labels...
Where are some places that these EDC's are hiding and what ingredients to look for:
🤢Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)
🤢Phthalates Plastics and a component of the catch all ingredient "fragrance”
🤢BPA (found in receipts, canned goods and many plastics
🤢Fire Retardants (they put these on BABY PAJAMAS y'all!!!)
🤢PFCs (those scratched-up non-stick pans you have kicking around and "stain-resistant clothing)
🤢Glycol Ethers (found in cleaning products)
🤢UV Filters (found in chemical sunscreens)
🤢Triclosan (toothpaste, hand soap, many things labeled "antibacterial" or "anti-microbial" has many trade names.)
I’m just saying it’s worth a few minutes of our time to check it out.

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