We started early, or I did

We started early, or I did

I told my mom when I saw his picture in the Carolina program “I’m going to marry that man one day!”

At the age of 17 the journey began. Thankfully he felt the same way and he asked so I didn’t have to ask him.

Married him when I was 19 years old and it has been full speed ahead ever since.

His eyes killed me, but he also looked really good in a football and baseball uniform.

36 years + 4 kids + 4 more kids + 6 grands (so far)  and I still cannot imagine a day without him.

He has always had my back, always believed in me much more than I believed in myself. He is my “go to” for fun. He is my forever best friend and valentine.

Babe, may we forever find a beach and lay there together!!

Let the journey continue.

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